Bunker Supply Service

Although the primary function is to arrange supply of duty free fuel and lubricants, we also offer passage planning and logistical advises and supports. The company engaging bunkering operations soon after its establishment in 1995 and supplying duty free fuel, lubricants for almost all visiting foreign vessels to the Maldives understanding specific need from clients that we fully concentrate quality fuel supplying by barge and at alongside berth, contributing our reliable sources, experience staffs and efficient operations.

As an adversely answering your questions how we supplying (mode of delivery) by comfort self-propeller barges, small tankers capacity of 50t 3000mt, also we supply fuel ex-pipeline at berth. Optionally arrange to take duty free fuel and lubricants from Maldives through us any time convenient for the vessel; it can be on arrival, during stay or on your departure, meaning to understand that can use duty free fuel and lubricants during vessel stay any time in Maldives.

Please contact us for an order or an inquiry. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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